Today the decision is made ​​to our postcrossing account to convert into active!

When the first card will be send is still unknown but it will definitely happen in 2012.


Sini sent us a Saimaa Ringed Seal!
in Finnsch: saimaannorppa


This is what Sini wrote on the backside of  the card:

They’re among the most endagered seals in the world. Total population is only about 270 individuals. The only existing population of these seals is found in Lake Saimaa, Finland. The population is descended from Ringed seals that were seperated from the rest when the land rose after the last ice age.

This card is from the Holland/Netherlands/Dutch to the rest of the World – tag, it’s from Germay.

The card arrived while we were away for a few days, we think it arrived the 29th of March in our letterbox.

This tomcat is called Klaus, and yes Norbert, Klaus seems to be a charming guy 😉

The 50th official postcard arrived at our home! 

From Christine a postcard with several views of ‘la Place Stanislas’.


Our first from Poland and Dorota’s first to Netherlands!


Wilhelm lives with his wife Jutta in a small village Riepe, near the Northsea Coast.
He sent us this card of the largest island of Germany.

“Blick auf die Wissower Klinken”

Easter sweets for the Sweet things tag


 Frohe Ostern ! ~ German
Vrolijk Pasen ! ~ Dutch

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This card is from the Geografie – Any letter – tag card it’s from Tasmania-Australia.

” The Richmond Bridge in Tasmania “

And an animalstamp! It’s a Yellow-footed Rock-wallaby

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Very impatiently waiting...
When will my cards arrive?

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We have sent official cards to

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Finland 22
France 1
Germany 5
Hungary 1
India 1
Italy 1
Russia 1
Turkey 1
Japan 1
United States of America 7
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We received official cards from

Canada 1
China 1
Czech Republik 1
Belgium 1
Brazil 2
Estonia 1
Finland 19
France 3
Germany 7
Japan 1
Lithuania 1
New Zealand 1
Norway 1
Poland 1
Portugal 2
Taiwan 1
Ukraine 1
United States of Amerika 6


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